A Big Thank You To Our Sponsors!

We just wanted to take a moment and say thank you very much to our sponsors this year. Your support makes what we do at Yarmouth Little League possible, and we can’t say thank you enough!

Make sure you visit these fine area businesses!

<h1 style=”text-align: center;”><strong>Scholarship Sponsor</strong></h1>
<p style=”text-align: center;”>Yarmouth Lion’s Club – <a href=”http://www.yarmouthlionsclub.org”>Visit site</a></p>

<h1 style=”text-align: center;”><strong>Team &amp; Outfield Sign Sponsors</strong></h1>
<p style=”text-align: center;”>Bath Savings Bank – <a href=”http://www.bathsavings.com”>Visit site</a>
Bath Savings Institution – <a href=”www.bathsavings.com”>Visit site</a>
Casco Bay Ford – <a href=”www.cascobayford.com”>Visit site</a>
Cunningham Security Systems – <a href=”www.cunninghamsecurity.com”>Visit site</a>
Dr. Michele Shems – <a href=”www.mysupersmile.com”>Visit site</a>
Dunkin Donuts – <a href=”www.wolakgroup.com”>Visit site</a>
Fischer Family Orthodontics – <a href=”www.bracesbyfischer.com”>Visit site</a>
Hancock Lumber – <a href=”www.hancocklumber.com”>Visit site</a>
Harbourside Family Practice – <a href=” peterbod2014@gmail.com”>Visit site</a>
Hewitt’s Auto Service &amp; Sales – <a href=”www.hewittsautoservice.com”>Visit site</a>
Maguire Construction – <a href=”www.maguireconstruction.com”>Visit site</a>
Main Line Fence – <a href=”www.mainlinefence.com”>Visit site</a>
McVety’s Hearth and Home – <a href=”www.stovesofmaine.com”>Visit site</a>
Pat’s Pizza – <a href=”www.patsyarmouth.com”>Visit site</a>
Plumb It, Inc – <a href=”www.facebook.com/pages/Plumb-It/117049865022349 “>Visit site</a>
Romeo’s Pizza – <a href=”www.romeospizza.biz “>Visit site</a>
Schaeffer Douglas Title – <a href=”www.douglastitle.com”>Visit site</a>
Systems Engineering – <a href=”www.syseng.com”>Visit site</a>
Taymil Partners – <a href=”www.taymil.com”>Visit site</a>
The Yarmouth Insurance Agency – <a href=”www.yarmouthinsurance.com”>Visit site</a>
Yarmouth Dental – <a href=”www.yarmouthdental.com”>Visit site</a>
Yarmouth Fire &amp; Rescue Association – <a href=”www.yarmouth.me.us/firerescue “>Visit site</a></p>

<h1 style=”text-align: center;”><strong>Outfield Sign Sponsors</strong></h1>
<p style=”text-align: center;”>Big Apple Food Store / CN Brown – <a href=”http://www.cnbrown.com”>Visit site</a>
Big Apple Food Store / CN Brown – <a href=”www.cnbrown.com”>Visit site</a>
Bill Dodge Auto Group – <a href=”www.billdodgeautogroup.com”>Visit site</a>
Bingas Wingas – <a href=”www.bingaswingas.com”>Visit site</a>
Casco Bay Create Awareness Now (CAN) – <a href=”www.cascobaycan.org “>Visit site</a>
CFA Society Maine – <a href=”www.cfasociety.org/maine “>Visit site</a>
Clayton’s Café – <a href=”www.claytonscafe.com”>Visit site</a>
Coastal Ace Hardware – <a href=”www.acehardware.com”>Visit site</a>
CrossFit Yarmouth – <a href=”www.crossfityarmouth.com”>Visit site</a>
D. Scott Martin Builders, LLC – <a href=”www.dsmbuilder.com”>Visit site</a>
Dick’s Sporting Goods – <a href=”www.dickssportinggoods.com”>Visit site</a>
Estabrooks Farm &amp; Greenhouse – <a href=”www.estabrooksonline.com”>Visit site</a>
Five County Credit Union – <a href=”www.fivecounty.com”>Visit site</a>
Frontier – <a href=”www.explorefrontier.com”>Visit site</a>
Leblanc &amp; Young – <a href=”www.leblancyoung.com”>Visit site</a>
Local Color Painting – <a href=”www.localcolorpainting.com”>Visit site</a>
Maples Gelato &amp; Bakery – <a href=”www.facebook.com/maplesgelato “>Visit site</a>
McNaughton Construction – <a href=” mcnaughtonconstruction28@gmail.com”>Visit site</a>
Muddy Rudder – <a href=”www.muddy-rudder.com”>Visit site</a>
North Yarmouth Academy – <a href=”www.nya.org “>Visit site</a>
Northern Light Mercy Hospital – <a href=”www.mercyhospital.org “>Visit site</a>
NYA Summer Programs (2nd Sign) – <a href=”www.nya.org/nya-summer-programs “>Visit site</a>
Otto Pizza – <a href=”www.ottoportland.com”>Visit site</a>
Scott Dugas Trucking – <a href=”www.scottdugas.com”>Visit site</a>
State Farm Insurance – <a href=”www.twrightagency.com”>Visit site</a>
The Law Offices of Joe Bornstein – <a href=”www.joebornstein.com”>Visit site</a>
Tom Moulton Paving &amp; Construction – <a href=”www.tommoultonpaving.com”>Visit site</a>
Xtreme Screen &amp; Sportswear, LLC – <a href=”www.xtremescreenprint.com”>Visit site</a>
Yarmouth Boat Yard &amp; Moose Landing Marina – <a href=”www.yarmouthboatyard.com”>Visit site</a>
Yarmouth Lion’s Club (Scholarship) – <a href=”www.yarmouthlionsclub.org”>Visit site</a></p>

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